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     Seawater Seafood Company specializes in supplying "Live Dungeness Crab" from the Pacific west coast and shipped from our docks to facilities that distribute worldwide. The products we deliver are of the highest quality.

     Our companies staff are friendly, professional and highly knowledgeable in their fields. We take pride in in our work, from the office to the docks, in order to establish friendly and reliable relationships with our boats and clients alike. It is more than a job and this is reflected in the quality of our service and products. 

Our History

Seawater Seafood Company is a seafood producer in Newport, Oregon on the Historic Yaquina Bayfront. The owner began fishing 25 years ago out of Newport, Oregon and soon after, Alaska. He began selling seafood in 2006 and started Seawater Seafood Company in 2012.

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